The Haghill shift project 2017 A Climate Challenge Fund project (CCF)

The Alexandra park bike hub is a part of the Haghill shift project funded by the climate challenge fund. We have many functions but our main outcome for the project is commuter cycling. Getting people to shift there mode of transport from mortised vehicles to bikes – saving tons of carbon. This part of the project is called ‘the last mile initiative’. We supply bikes fitted with computers to track their mileage in return of free use of the bikes saving money on transport. We also offer this to people who already cycle using their own bike and they are rewarded with free servicing in our new top of the range workshop every 100, 250 and 500 miles.

We also do bicycle recycling, free daily bike hire for people who just fancy some leisure cycling locally or for the weekend depending on availability. Alongside of this we offer free maintenance classes to help people stay mechanically minded on the Thursday at 6-7pm for all ages. If the jobs too big for you we have a mechanic and workshop that offers parts and servicing at a great rate with student discount’s available.

We have big plans for next year such as an upgraded mountain bike trail, bike club (Alexandra park bike club) which supplies leader led rides, training and safety awareness and extending our last time members

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